Volunteer for PCA Friday at Keeneland



Following is a listing of opportunities for our three major upcoming events. If you might be interested in volunteering for any of these events please contact me at kendellhold@twc.com.

  1. PCA Friday at Keeneland (Friday, July 15th, hours 8am-1:30pm): We are looking for six volunteers to assist with on-site Welcome, Registration, and event setup/tear down. The times may be staggered to meet volunteer and event schedules. Rick Music and Phil Doty will be coordinating.
  2. Porsche Hospitality Park (Saturday, July 16th, hours 8am-4:30pm): Volunteers would act as Greeters, Hosts, and Parking Assists for the anticipated 200 Porsche guests. This 20×20 hospitality tent will be a meeting nexus for both our in-town and out-of-town Porsche guests. Shift times will be staggered depending on volunteer role and event activity. Note this is a PCA sponsored event. Jamie Diehl will be chairing this event.
  3. Keeneland Concours d’Elegance (Saturday, July 16th, hours as shown). **These are Concours Event staffing needs for volunteers** These volunteers will be provided with an Event T-shirt and free admission to the concours.  Available shifts: 7:00am-12:pm and 12:00pm-5:00pm 
    1. Class Hosts: The need is for hosts at the 3 Porsche Class Circles. There is a need for 6 volunteers, two for each circle. This works well for a couple volunteering for each class.
      1. Assigned to a judged class to ensure exhibitors have the best possible experience
      2. Assist car owners and judges as needed throughout the day answering questions and handling any issues
      3. Ensure exhibitors are comfortable and have no issuesStay with the cars while the owners are at lunch
    2. Paddock Parking: These volunteers work in shift teams of 6 to 8 members
      1. Direct car club vehicles, specialty cars and cars of interest in a slow and safe manner from entrance gates to designated Paddock parking areas and specific parking spots based on make, model and/or group
      2. MUST know makes and models of cars to direct them to proper area
      3. Direct Paddock vehicles in a slow and safe manner to appropriate exit route throughout the day