Track Corner

James Diehl



The 2020 Track Chair for the Bluegrass Region of the Porsche Club of America is James Diehl.

Track days are fantastic for increasing driving skills making you a better driver on the road. Those who have been before can attest to that as well as the fact it is great time to meet other enthusiasts and enjoy the camaraderie. Whether you have been involved in track events before or thinking you would like to try a High-Performance Driver Education (DE) weekend, please reach out. While being new to the scene I have enjoyed DE and happy to help with needs of the club members.


If you wonder what it is truly like, the PCA put out a great video about HPDE. Do you want to learn more about PCA Drivers Education Program?  Check this video out!  Please click on the link or go to the PCA news page.

The mission and purpose of the Porsche Club of America’s Drivers Education Program is to provide a safe, structured and controlled teaching and learning environment. The PCA DE  Program is designed so that participants can improve their driving abilities and acquire a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and driving safety. Participants will experience first-hand the capabilities of high performance automobiles in a controlled, closed-course environment and acquire skills that will enhance safer vehicle operation in all driving situations.


But wait!!!! Do you own Macan or Cayenne? Sure, they may not have the speed of a GT3, but they are amazing on the road course. Don’t rule yourself out, These SUV’s will deliver a fantastic time and provide you the opportunity to REALLY learn to handle your vehicle. The point is that no matter what you drive; HPDE will make you a better and safer driver on the road facing the day to day challenges of simply commuting.

To begin and HPDE its important to know that all events can be seen at and registration can be completed there.

Summer Heat June 5 2020

Regardless of it being your first time or one of many, Summer Heat at Putnam Park Road Course in Mount Meridian, Indiana is always a fun time. Registration has not opened but I will be planning to attend.  Registration opens April 19, 2020 9:00 AM EDT.  If anyone plans on attending or think you might have interest, reach out to me. I would love to see the Bluegrass Region roll in together. These weekends consist of an immense amount fun, learning, and sheer enjoyment of your Porsche. If you’d like to have something more to remember your time a professional photographer will have photos of you mastering the course and I promise it’s worth a look.

Lastly, there are a few updates to rules. Most notably, are the new helmet ratings coming out. These will not be released until October so probably will not be changes on course until next year. Stock belts are always good, but others installed do expire. Any questions please reach or seek information on the PCA website.

I look forward to a great 2020 for driving and can’t encourage the Bluegrass region enough to touch base with me and let’s try to have fun together at events by coordinating our plans.


A message from PCA National:   Club Racing has created a website separate from The new site is