Seeking Nominations for Volunteers

As you saw in previous notes and in the October Rumble, your Board of Directors is seeking nominations for volunteers who would like to play a larger role in the Bluegrass PCA.  We welcome all of your suggestions … don’t be shy.  If you want to make a difference or want to help with all the great things we do every year this is your opportunity to step up and get involved.  You can simply outreach to me, Ken Hold or Larry McVay (we are the 2018 Nominating Committee) with your suggestions.

Specifically, one role we will be looking to fill is Newsletter Editor.  For the past few years Rey Au and Helena Hau have tirelessly produced the absolute best PCA club newsletter in the universe, our beloved Rumble.  The best kept secret is that much of the Rumble’s success is due to Helena’s fine work, for which she is largely uncredited.  Helena’s schedule is getting more complex and as a result, she will no longer be able to assist Rey.  Rey, however, will continue to serve us with his wonderful photography and will stay on in the role of club photographer.  But with Helena moving on, we have a real need for someone to step in and continue the winning tradition that is the Rumble.  The good news is that we have a standard technology format and it is relatively easy to assemble and publish the Rumble.  We now need someone to oversee this important endeavor.