Julie Woods (Webmaster and Historian)

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 Webmaster & Historian
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Hello, I am Julie Woods.  I am the club’s webmaster and historian.  I have been a member of the club from the beginning and am a Charter Member.  I am interested in capturing the history of our club and building the Historian’s Corner on our website.  Please let me know if you have any stories/memorabilia/history of our club that you would like to share.  I do share the love of beautiful cars.  I remember at 15 years old sitting on the corner watching cars go by with my friend saying “I am going to get a Mercedes 380 SL”.  I do have a thing for convertibles. I got my MB “280” SL from Europe when I got my first real job.  Thanks to my husband, I learned how special our Porsches are and the people who drive them.  I am grateful for all the special people I have met through our club.  I also have a TR6 (remember, I said I had a thing for convertibles).  Heads up!   I also talk alot about my Golden Retrievers…..