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Hello, my name is James Diehl and I have the pleasure to serve as the Track Chair for 2021. I became a member of PCA in 2017 and served as track chair in 2020. There is a broad community of people that own and enjoy these cars under that common bond. I too, share that passion and I am here to help organize those interested or currently participate in different events. Sim racing is really taken hold, autocross and HPDE’s are all alternatives to full club racing. Through this club there is great access to safe environments and instructions to get into your car and truly begin to feel the brilliance of these cars. Macan, meaning Tiger is just that on the course too. Point is, from antique to SUV you can enjoy the performance while making you a better driver on the road too.  I ask that whether you are a long time track goer to just interested in seeing this in person, please contact me. If you know someone else that has such interest, have them contact me. My hope is to help organize this regions interest and build some networks for members added enjoyment.