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Still a British citizen living off my paid for social security. Owner of 4 Porsches as of January 2021. A 59 356A cabriolet, a 59 356A coupe, a 64 356C coupe and a 97 boxster stock 2.5 liter with aero kit. Previous Porsches owned were a 1963 356B coupe from 1970 until 1980, rebuilt the engine once, a 1974 LTD edition 2 ltr 914 FROM 86 until 99, engine rebuilt twice, a 59 356A coupe and a 64 356C coupe, both resurrected from many years of neglect with lots of rust. Chances are I will never own another Porsche excepting I win the lottery.
I moved to the USA in 1980 to seek my fortune but failed, just made enough to be able to get married a few times and race a Formula Vee on tracks across the USA. Spent 14 years in the RAF (the Real Air Force) before acquiring a foothold in the oil industry in 1974 and took a job in Chicago in 1980 and began racing with the SCCA. Bought my first Porsche in the USA while living in California. Lived and worked in Illinois, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio and retired to Kentucky with wife, 6 Arabian horses and 4 Porsches in 2010.
Now I live a quiet life in rural Kentucky and show up for the occasional cars and coffe.