Bluegrass Region Porsche Club
Bluegrass Region Porsche Club

Meet the Board – Chairs

“Hello, I’m John Schmidt, currently the Safety Chair for the Bluegrass Region PCA. Prior to this position, I had been a Director on the Board since 2013. I bought my first (and only, so far) Porsche in 2012 about 5 minutes after my first test drive and joined the Bluegrass Region PCA a few weeks later. My 2000 Boxster S was a retirement present to myself after 40 years as an Engineer at IBM and Lexmark. My wife, Ana, and I have enjoyed extensive International travel when it was safe and look forward to doing so again later this year again (we hope). We both also enjoy golf and Porsche outings. Recently, we also are greatly enjoying our first grandchild! We hope to meet many more of you members on future outings very soon.”

“Hello, my name is James Diehl and I have the pleasure to serve as the Track Chair for 2021. I became a member of PCA in 2017 and served as track chair in 2020. There is a broad community of people that own and enjoy these cars under that common bond. I too, share that passion and I am here to help organize those interested or currently participate in different events. Sim racing is really taken hold, autocross and HPDE’s are all alternatives to full club racing. Through this club there is great access to safe environments and instructions to get into your car and truly begin to feel the brilliance of these cars. Macan, meaning Tiger is just that on the course too. Point is, from antique to SUV you can enjoy the performance while making you a better driver on the road too. I ask that whether you are a long time track goer to just interested in seeing this in person, please contact me. If you know someone else that has such interest, have them contact me. My hope is to help organize this regions interest and build some networks for members added enjoyment.”

“I’m Larry Dukes. I currently serve as Social Media Chair and Drive Chair. I fell in love with Porsche at Sebring and Daytona in the late 1960’s and especially the early 1970’s. My science teacher when I was a senior in HS bought a yellow 911 and I was hooked. Always wanted a Porsche, but never got one even though I had a TR6, MGB, 280ZX and Supra Turbo. In 2015 I had Gastric Sleeve surgery with the goal to lose 120 lbs (I weighed in at a hefty 312 pre-surgery). I told my wife Shirley that when I reached that goal I was buying a Porsche! As the weight was coming off, I was shopping for a 911 Cabriolet, but one day in November 2016 on the way to Lexington, we saw a Silver Boxster S and the next thing you know, it’s in my garage. Shirley calls it “The Silver Bullet!) I did lose the weight and its still off. I joined the PCA in February of 2017 and have really enjoyed the drives, dinners, parties, but most of all, the people! What a great group of folks that are bonded by a single emotion, we love our Porsches!”

“I’m Neil Fisher. I have been a PCA member since 2007. Since joining the club, I have served on the Board of Directors for several years. I have been a Director, Newsletter Editor, Activities Chair and most recently the Membership Chair. Over the years I have owned 5 different Porsche vehicles. My first Porsche was a 2006 Boxster. I have also owned a 1984 944, an 87 Targa, a 2000 911 Carrera coupe and currently a 2009 Boxster. I don’t pretend to be a mechanical expert on any of these vehicles, but I am very familiar with their driving characteristics and am able to assist other members with answering most of their general questions. I have had the privilege of attending 2 Porsche Parades over the years and hope to be able to attend this year’s Parade in French Lick. It has been a pleasure to serve as a Board Member for our club and I have enjoyed meeting lots of great people. It isn’t just the cars it’s the people!”

“I’m David Jones Still a British citizen living off my paid for social security. Owner of 4 Porsches as of January 2021. A 59 356A cabriolet, a 59 356A coupe, a 64 356C coupe and a 97 boxster stock 2.5 liter with aero kit. Previous Porsches owned were a 1963 356B coupe from 1970 until 1980, rebuilt the engine once, a 1974 LTD edition 2 ltr 914 FROM 86 until 99, engine rebuilt twice, a 59 356A coupe and a 64 356C coupe, both resurrected from many years of neglect with lots of rust. Chances are I will never own another Porsche excepting I win the lottery. I moved to the USA in 1980 to seek my fortune but failed, just made enough to be able to get married a few times and race a Formula Vee on tracks across the USA. Spent 14 years in the RAF (the Real Air Force) before acquiring a foothold in the oil industry in 1974 and took a job in Chicago in 1980 and began racing with the SCCA. Bought my first Porsche in the USA while living in California. Lived and worked in Illinois, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio and retired to Kentucky with wife, 6 Arabian horses and 4 Porsches in 2010. Now I live a quiet life in rural Kentucky and show up for the occasional cars and coffe.”