Historian - The Year is 2016!

In our first Board of Directors meeting in January, we discussed key items for the year. We are excited to start a new year and to have a region that is fun for our members. We reviewed our regular monthly events and agreed to keep these events as currently scheduled.  These events include: Annual Membership Appreciation Social,  Monthly Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee  (1st Saturday), Porsche Cars and Coffee (2nd Saturday), Monthly Socials (3rd Sunday), Tech Sessions and Drives.  We are always looking for new events for our members.  Please do not hesitate to make suggestions or “host” an event. 

Additional information can be found in our 2016 Newsletters

Region Board
President - Ken Hold; Vice President - Patrick Meyer, Treasurer - Rick Music, Secretary - Mike Wilson, Past President - Ed Steverson Directors At Large: Mason Wilson, David Hafley, Jamie Donaldson, Bill Larkin
Charitable Contributions
The Bluegrass Region is recognized by the Lexington community for involvement in charitable giving. Our region has continued to show support to the community through displaying our cars at 4 local charity car shows. Our Fall Charity Drive generated $940 for Macular Degeneration. We also showed a major presence at the 2016 Keeneland Concours where we had over 100 Porsches and won the Paddock Challenge with a donation of $3,119.45. This is the 9th year BGS has won the Challenge over the 12 years it has been presented. Our BGS total donation through the Paddock Challenge to the Kentucky Children’s Hospital over those 12 years is $35,542.70.
Our club was busy having fun! In 2016 we had 65. Of these, 12 were monthly board meetings (open to all members). 11 were Porsche Cars & Coffee. The most notable of which was the August C&C at Big Ass Fans! We attended 11 Multi-Marque C&C’s. We had 10 monthly Socials and 2 Special Socials (Holiday Party and Membership Appreciation). Jim Brandon put on two great Tech Sessions. We had 5 Drives. We were also involved in 12 events that included 6 car shows. 4 joint events were held with other organizations. We did a parade and most notably did the Keeneland Concours.
Number of Members as of the beginning of the year was a total of 202 - 124/78 (member/affiliate) The region has had a steady increase in membership. In January of 2015 we had total membership of 186. In January 2016 membership increased to 202 and in January 2017 we are at 215. This is pretty good given we started the region in February 2003 with 66 members.
Tech Sessions
  • Jim Brandon put on a very neat Tech Session Saturday, August 20. He led the attendees through a total tear down of an early model VW engine that was similar to early model Porsche engines. Great session Jim!!
  • Bluegrass region held a Tech Session on Saturday, 19 November at Jim Brandon’s garage. The subject of the session was the disassembly and re-assembly of a stock Miata differential. Prior to the actual work, the group spent time becoming familiar with several examples (Ford and Honda) of both open differentials, limited-slip, or “Posi-Traction” differentials, front wheel drive differentials, and gear terminology.
A Year In Review - Presented by our president Ken Hold
Thank you Ken for the great journey through the year. We always look forward to your President's Column in our newsletter.
  • Welcome 2016. Our first event of the year was on January 9th for our Porsche Cars & Coffee at the Cosi Restaurant. With seven attendees bringing four Porsche’s it was a pleasant gathering and fun conversation. Thanks to Neil Fisher for chairing the gathering.
  • We held our Holiday Party on January 16 at the Cherry Blossom Golf Course Club House. This was the third year using that venue. It is still an excellent venue that provides a very good meal for a reasonable cost. We had 44 attendees who ranged from our youngest family member Cooper Nystrom at three months and 2 days of age to a number of folks who were a lot older! We had a great time. Thanks to Ed Steverson for chairing the event.
  • We are really excited about progress we’ve been making in the Social Media area and in our monthly magazine, the Rumble. Julie Woods, Mason Wilson, Rey Au and Helena Hau have almost got our Social media policy finalized. Rey and Helena are pulling together a means of managing our major inventory of photos. Julie has made fantastic improvements in our Website. And, I’m sure you’ve noticed the outstanding new format for the Rumble. These folks have been working hard and getting super results!
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • We held our next to last indoor Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee for this winter at Lug Nuts in the Blue Sky Pkwy industrial complex. February 6 was a beautiful, sunny day with a comfortable temperature of 45 degrees, perfect for a gathering. Folks were ready for some “car fun” and we had about 110 attendees for the event. Some of our PCA Bluegrass member cars were there for race prep, storage, and display. Crowd pleasers were a Thanks to Danny and Julie Puchalski for providing the venue for this excellent even
  • We held our Porsche Cars & Coffee just 7 days later on Saturday, February 13 at the Cosi Restaurant in Hamburg. The weather was overcast with a temperature of 15 degrees. We still had a very enjoyable breakfast event with 13 attendee
  • Our Monthly Social was at Ramsey’s on Old Harrodsburg Pike. It was another well attended event with 19 members enjoying a great home style meal and some lively discussions.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • We started the month on March 5th with our final indoor Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee for the Winter. Brian and Scott Wooldridge and “Danger” Pope provided an excellent venue and a great opportunity for us to be “Car Folks”. Despite the cool temperature and rain showers we had 110 attendees for the event. Basically there was something for everyone.
  • Despite the rainy weather on Saturday, the 12 th and falling on St. Patrick Parade day, we had two good events. Eleven club members drove seven Porsches and 1 VW (almost a Porsche) to our Porsche only Cars & Coffee at the Cosi Restaurant. Of course it gave our “Red Hatters” Neil and Michelle Fisher and opportunity to sport their new Red Boxster to the breakfast. Thanks to Neil for chairing the event.
  • Also later in the day. We had a small informal car show at the Whitaker Bank Ball Park. Mykraphone Mike invited BGS and other car folks who attend our Multi-Marque C&C’s to show our vehicles and enjoy a day at the Ball Park curtesy of the Legends.
  • On Saturday, the 19 th , Patrick Meyer chaired a Tour to the National Corvette Museum Track. Eight BGS members in six Porsches had a super time on the drive. Note that Neil drove his new red Boxster. A very neat treat for the group was seeing our BGS Secretary; Mike Wilson show his stuff on the NCM Track! Patrick put our new BGS Tour Guidelines to use for the first time on this tour. Thanks to Patrick for chairing the tour and giving our Tour Guidelines a try.
  • On Sunday, the 20 th , Neil Fisher (driving his new red Boxster) chaired our BGS Monthly Social. He had a new venue, the Local Feed in Georgetown. Twenty members attended in eleven Porsches. A super turn out and I’m sure Local Feed was pleased with the increase in their business.
  • But wait, I’m not finished yet. We had one more event. Saturday the 26 th was a beautiful day to “sport the short”. Remember that the KY Region invited us to lunch? Well we had 21 BGS members join the KY Region at the table! How cool!! It was especially neat to see Mark and Mary Door, two or our past BGS members at the lunch.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • As usual our BGS event calendar started with our First Saturday Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee on April 2. Despite the cool (forty degree) temperature and overcast sky, we had our largest event ever with over 200 vehicles participating.
  • Our Porsche Cars & Coffee was held at the Cosi Restaurant in Hamburg on April 9. We had 18 member attendees and a guest. Our guest asked to attend because he is interested in owning a Cayenne. He was able to get some very good ideas about Cayennes and Cayenne ownership from several of the folks at the event.
  • We held the April Membership Social at Mi Mexico, off New Circle Rd. We had a good array of six Porsches bringing eleven members. The weather was beautiful and sunny with 80 degree temperatures. Perfect for an extended trip to a Porsche meeting!
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • May was another busy car month and the start of lots more car fun. We began on the 7 th with our Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee at Hamburg. Weather was a very pleasant 70 degrees and sunny. We had approximately 175 vehicles attend with a great mix ranging from hot rods to exotics. This monthly event is proving to be an excellent means for local car clubs to promote their events and get new members. Our club has had several new members join BGS and use it as a way to meet other PCA members.
  • May was another busy car month and the start of lots more car fun. We began on the 7 th with our Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee at Hamburg. Weather was a very pleasant 70 degrees and sunny. We had approximately 175 vehicles attend with a great mix ranging from hot rods to exotics. This monthly event is proving to be an excellent means for local car clubs to promote their events and get new members. Our club has had several new members join BGS and use it as a way to meet other PCA members.
  • We cancelled our May 14 Porsche Cars & Coffee due to the Scenic Drive to Maker’s Mark. David Patrick provided an outstanding event for us. Thank you, David!
  • Our May 15 Monthly Social at Proud Mary was only lightly attended. The highlight of the meal was Neil Fisher getting his first (and possibly last) taste of crawfish!
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Our first event was the Monthly Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee on Saturday, June 4 at Hamburg. The day turned out to be very pleasant with around 150 vehicles attending.
  • We held our Porsche Cars & Coffee the following Saturday, June 11 at the Cosi restaurant in Hamburg. The weather was sunny and 80 degrees. We had a very nice turnout of 21 attendees (19 members and 2 guests). They brought 18 neat Porsches.
  • Our Monthly Social was moved up a week to Sunday, June 12 due to a conflict with Father’s Day. Again an excellent turnout with 23 attendees (22 members + 1 guest) arriving in 14 Porsches. Ricardo’s restaurant in Versailles was able to handle members as they just kept arriving. The only disappointment was that the restaurant was out of Crab Cakes, which is my favorite meal there!! We had a very good time and very good food.
  • On Saturday, June 25 Neil Fisher led a very successful drive to Elk Creek Winery. This is a good drive for our region because it enables some of our northern Kentucky BGS members to attend an event close to home. Two years ago we actually had two members join from northern Kentucky because they happened to be visiting the winery at the same time as our drive. Thanks to Neil for leading the drive.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Our First Saturday Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee on July 2 was an outstanding event. It was a beautiful day, sunny with a very nice breeze. A very nice day for over 210 vehicles to converge on the parking lot in front of Value City Furniture at Hamburg.
  • Neil Fisher chaired the Porsche Cars & Coffee on July 9 at Cosi Restaurant. He had 12 members and a guest attend. They brought 9 Porsches and an Abarth. Good food and lots of conversation.
  • On July 16 we made a major presence at our annual signature event, the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance. All I can say now is Congratulations to the Bluegrass Region. We were outstanding!! Tim McNeely and his bucket brigade blew away the competition in the Paddock Challenge for the ninth time in the 12 years the contest has been held. From a paddock of 110 Porsches, a donation of $3,119.45 was collected. That far exceeded the next highest Sterling British donation of $1,015 with 44 cars in their paddock. Porsche won the Paddock Challenge Trophy and Sterling British won the Individual Giving Plaque. The overall winner was the Kentucky Children’s Hospital. Fantastic!!
  • John Schmidt chaired the Monthly Social at Brasabana Restaurant. It was our first visit to this restaurant. Reports are that the food was very good, service was good and the venue was pleasant. We’ve got it on our list for possible return visits.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • We started with our monthly First Saturday Multi- Marque Cars & Coffee on August 6. With 170 attendees, we were down from our July event’s 210 attendees. The diverse automotive displays were super. We had all types of sports cars: Austin Healey, BMW, Corvette, Ferrari, Mustang, Porsche, and Sunbeam to name a few.
  • Several of us took a drive to Berea on August 7. It was neat to discover the Kentucky Region on one of their drives to Hall’s on the River. Neil Fisher has been talking with T.H. Morris, the Kentucky Region Events Chair, about doing some joint region events. More to come on that.
  • The August 13, 14 weekend was major busy! On Saturday, August 13, Tim McNeely once again led a drive to Oxford, Ohio to attend the annual Red Brick Reunion. This is always a fun event that draws regions from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. We also had several members attend the Crave Lexington Event at Masterson Station Park on August 13 and 14. More information on that later.
  • Neil Fisher arranged our monthly Social at The Pub on Sunday, August 21. I think he decided it was time for us to sample some British refreshments, just saying! It was a small gathering with ten attendees in five Porsches.
  • We probably had our most successful Porsche Cars & Coffee on August 27. I guess you could say it was a “Big Ass Event”. We were hosted by Big Ass Solutions at their Administration/Research Building located at 2348 Innovation Drive in Lexington. We were very impressed by their product lines for commercial, industrial, and residential fans. We were especially interested in their line of garage LED lighting.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • With Summer winding down, our September 3 Multi- Marque Cars & Coffee was the largest one yet. We had over 300 vehicles. I was able to mark one item off of my personal bucket list. Dave Jones let me take one of his 356 Porsches for a drive at the event! Very cool!! The University of Kentucky Racing Team had both their Formula and Solar cars for display. Other notables were a pair of Aston Martins.
  • We had a fun breakfast group at our September 10, Porsche Cars & Coffee. Eleven regulars showed up in nine Porsches. There was a very good variety of models: SUV’s, a Shark, a Spyder, a slip top, a vintage 356, and even some other cool 911’s! This breakfast is always informal and fun.
  • It was a major treat during our Membership Appreciation Drive for our Event Chair, Ed Steverson to have us stop and enjoy the hospitality at the Resort Steverson. It was especially kind of Tracy Steverson to provide us with refreshments and a tour!!
  • On September 24, the Bluegrass was invited to join in with the Kentucky Region for lunch at Wallace Station and a tour of the Barrel House Distillery. The KYR had 17 cars on their event. Dave Jones attended the lunch at Wallace Station and five of our BGS members joined to tour the Barrel House Distillery. It was a very different type tour because the distillery was very small. We enjoyed hearing of their history, brands, and processing techniques. I’d recommend a visit to the distillery, located nearby on Manchester Street.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • October st was our annual club charity drive. Driving 350 miles of tortuous Eastern Kentucky roads with a group of fellow Porschephiles was outstanding. Having the drive led by Steve Womack & crew was a great experience and then to enjoy the hospitality of the Womack family for a group dinner was over the top.
  • The MMCC was the first “indoor” event of the winter. The event was hosted by Big Ass Solutions and similar to our club BAS visit in August, only bigger!
  • Our October 8 Porsche Cars & Coffee was at the Cosi Restaurant in Hamburg. Thanks to Patrick Meyer for chairing the event.
  • On October 15, seven of us joined the Kentucky Region at Motor Sports in Louisville for the annual KYR drive to Huber Winery in Indiana. We were part of a 27-car drive through Louisville and then enjoyed some very scenic sections of road overlooking Louisville and the Ohio river. James Jacisin, our Zone 13 Representative was also on the drive. We were given priority parking at the winery along with members from the Central Indiana and Southern Indiana PCA Regions. In addition to the winery, we enjoyed walking the orchards and sampling fresh produce and locally made ice cream.
  • Neil Fisher chaired the October Social on the 16 th . It was the first time we’ve held a social at the Oak Springs Grill at Fayette Mall. Thanks to Neil for chairing this event after doing the drive to Huber Winery the day before!
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Our Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee at Foreign Affairs on November 5 was well attended and well presented by the FA folks. Great weather, about 150 very fun cars, and excellent discussions/displays by the Foreign Affairs guys! Thanks to Brian, Scott, Shane and the entire Foreign Affairs crew for hosting the event.
  • We had a very good turnout at our Porsche Cars & Coffee on November 12. Sixteen members enjoyed breakfast at Cosi’s. After breakfast, it was outside to check out the thirteen Porsches driven to the event.
  • Our November Social on the 20th at Ramsey’s was lightly attended with only nine members at the table, but with lots of good food and “enlightened” discussion.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • December 3 we had our Multi- Marque Cars & Coffee. The neat folks at the Fleetwood Collection provided their very classy venue and outstanding car collection. We were fortunate to have a sunny cool day so that our 150 attendees.
  • Our Porsche Cars & Coffee on December 10 at the Cosi Restaurant in Hamburg was its usual very informal gathering for breakfast and Porsche gab. Despite the 25-degree weather we had 14 attendees bringing 9 Porsches.
  • With the hectic activity we all have during the last two weeks of December; our board chose to not have a December Social. Also, this year’s frenzied shopping and celebrating reinforced to me that the board made a good decision in scheduling our BGS Holiday Party in January, after the holiday season. There is less activity and it is so much easier for all of us to hold our event after the holidays.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.