Historian - The Year is 2015!

In our first Board of Directors meeting in January, we discussed key items for the year. A primary focus item is to have a region that is fun for our members. We discussed several items around membership and events. We agreed that there are several events we want to keep over the next year. These events include: Annual Membership Appreciation Social,  Monthly Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee (1st Saturday), Porsche Cars and Coffee (2nd Saturday), Monthly Socials (3rd Sunday), Tech Sessions and Drives.
We have two very special 2015 events in the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance (that was originally a Bluegrass Region event) and this year’s PCA National Parade that is being held in French Lick, Indiana. Both of these events are opportunities for our members to volunteer and participate.

Additional information and great photos can be found in our 2015 newsletters.

Region Board
President - Ken Hold; Vice President - Mason Wilson, Treasurer - Bob Lovejoy, Secretary - David Hafley, Past President - Ed Steverson Directors At Large: Jamie Donaldson, Tim McNeely, Patrick Meyer, Mike Wilson
Charitable Contributions
The Bluegrass Region is recognized by the Lexington community for involvement in charitable giving. We have donated to several of the local charities, including Macular Degeneration Research, Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation, and the Franklin County Humane Society. Our signature charity is the Kentucky Children’s Hospital. We provide funds for the hospital both through direct contribution and participation in the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance held annually at the Keeneland Race Course.   For 2015, our region proudly donated a total of $2,350 ($450 from PCA national) to charities.
Our club was busy having fun! We had a total of 62 sponsored events. These included: 12 Multi Marque Cars & Coffee, 12 Porsche Cars & Coffee, 12 Board Meetings, 11 Club Socials, 3 Tech Sessions, 5 Drives, and 7 Club Events :  Our region has a presence in the community. We started the Multi-Marque Cars and Coffee and it is recognized as the best local car club gathering. We have representatives from all the major car clubs attend.
Number of Members as of the beginning of the year was a total of 186 - 117/69 (member/affiliate)
Tech Sessions
Thank You Jim Brandon for hosting our very valuable Tech Sessions.
  • On Saturday March 21st, Jim Brandon hosted a tech session where we changed the spark plugs and transaxle fluid on David Patrick’s 997.1 Carrera. As promised the coffee was hot and the donuts greasy. Nine members gave up a couple of hours of beautiful spring weather to listen to David complain about how hard the spark plugs are to access. Read more in our Rumble.
  • On May 23rd, Jim Brandon directed David Hafley and his son Tom on how to do a Spring tune-up on a 1977 Targa. Read more in our Rumble.
  • Jim Brandon presented another great Tech Session on October 24. His presentation on the operation of key shop tools and ancillary equipment was outstanding. Everyone attending had an opportunity to operate a metal lathe and a milling machine. The 12 session attendees gained a new appreciation for machine tool function and operation. Thanks to Jim for another well organized and informative Tech Session. Read more in our Rumble.
A Year In Review - Presented by our president Ken Hold
Thank you Ken for the great journey through the year. We always look forward to your President's Column in our newsletter.
  • The club had three events over the five weekends in January. We started off January 3rd with our indoor Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee at Tom and Connie Jones' Toy Box. Despite cool, damp weather we had a normal attendance of about 40 folks representing over 10 clubs. Several of the attendees brought very nice rides, including a really neat Model A Ford.
  • The very next Saturday, January 10th, we had our Porsche Only Cars & Coffee at the Cosi restaurant in Hamburg. Approximately a dozen members attended for breakfast and Porsche talk. It was great to have two new members attend for their first BGS event. The informal atmosphere with a smaller group made the C&C a great opportunity to meet new folks and talk.
  • And the very next Saturday, January 17th, was our Annual Holiday Party. For the second year we held our party at the Cherry Blossom Country Club in Georgetown. The venue was excellent and the caterer did a very good job with the food. We need to keep both in mind for future events. We had a good turnout with 45 attendees. In addition to generous door prizes supplied by, Blue Grass Motorsport, Foreign Affairs, Porsche of the Village, David Patrick, Jamie Donaldson and Patrick Meyer; several prizes were supplied by our club. Blue Grass Motorsport was especially generous in giving a Driver‟s Education certificate for a session at Putnam Park. The Wilson family will put that certificate to good use! Note that each member attendee is eligible for a free PCA Bluegrass mug (glass or insulated) available to be picked up at Foreign Affairs. Thanks to the good folks at Foreign Affairs for helping with the distribution. Stop in and get your mug. Thanks also to Ed Steverson for putting this event together!
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Well February started as great weather to sport our 911‟s and rapidly turned to a month where our Cayennes proved their worth. I am still amazed of how well my Cayenne handles in ice and snow conditions. I was glad to have it for this record breaking month of cold and snow. Despite the weather challenges we were able to hold three of our four scheduled club events in February.
  • Our Multi-Marque C&C had really nice weather and a super turnout at The Fleetwood Collection. The new venue features fine vehicles with complementing art, a neat social area with couches and refreshment bar, and a SUPER shop area. There were several “in process” cars for us to see and discuss. I was very pleased to have one of the Miata Club members bring a friend who had just purchased a 911 so he could meet Porsche Club members. The friend decided to join and will be a new member in March. We are also getting attention from some dealers and automotive service folks. The Lexus store brought 4 vehicles in- cluding a Lexus LFA supercar. The folks who are in the service business are there to view cars but are always willing to talk technical “stuff” to any attendees. The C&C‟s are very informal gatherings and not intended to promote business or pressure any purchases. They are intended to provide an opportunity for us to see neat vehicles and discuss what‟s on our automotive mind.
  • Our February Porsche C&C was held on February 14th at Ramsey‟s on Harrodsburg Road. We had ten members attend bringing seven Porsches. Good food and good time.
  • Our Social at Puccini‟s was lightly attended with eight members bringing three Porsches. A good time was had by all.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Boy am I glad March is over! The month started out as a major snow and cold Lion and left as a very wet Lamb. Our first event for the month on the 7th was our Winter Indoor Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee season finale. Tom and Connie Jones hosted the event and Old Man Winter did his best to give us a challenge. Despite 15 inches of snow on the ground 24 hours before our C & C, we had really good attendance with around 30 folks enjoying the cars, coffee and comradery. Our Multi-Marque C & C ’s are really appreciated by the local auto community. We are getting great exposure for our club and new members referred by other car clubs. This monthly event continues to be a major positive for us.
  • The next Saturday, March 14th we had our Porsche C&C. Ramsey’s at Old Harrodsburg Road provided a fun informal setting for good food and great company. We had eight members attend on a cold rainy morning.
  • Our monthly social at the Grey Goose in Midway was really our first opportunity to sport our Porsches in good driving weather. We had a very respectable turnout with 21 members attending.
  • A big thanks to Ed Steverson for his work at improving and summarizing our region communication systems for all of us to better understand and use. In addition to distributing this work via the Rumble, it will be included in our Welcome Letter to all new members.
  • Other areas being worked by the Board of Directors include Membership, Touring Events, Historian Activities, and the Region Bylaws.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Well April definitely started Porsche driving season. We had our first outdoor Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee on April 4th at our regular location, the Clarion Hotel on Newtown Pike. Although it was a chilly day, we had a very nice turnout of 25 cars.
  • Our April 11th Porsche C&C was held at Ramsey’s on Old Harrodsburg Rd. The weather was super and we had 18 members enjoy a very lively breakfast. The informal discussions around the breakfast table provide a very neat different atmosphere from the very large Multi-Marque event. Both events are very fun and very different. If you haven’t attended a C&C yet, do so soon.
  • Our Monthly Social and Drive to the Proud Mary Restaurant located by the Kentucky River proved to be weather challenged. David Patrick led seven Porsches on a very enjoyable drive to the restaurant. After arrival, the sky opened and it poured. We had about 17 members at the dinner and weather did not dampen their appetites for some great BBQ.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Well May was a great month to sport our Porsche cars!! We had lots of activity. Our Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee on May 2nd would have been a sell out if we sold tickets. With nearly 70 cars, we far exceeded the capacity of the Clarion’s parking area. As a result, we’ve begun a search for locations that can handle at east 70 cars. Hopefully we will have a location that we can announce at our June 6th Cars & Coffee.
  • The May 9th, Porsche Cars & Coffee at Ramsey’s was fun with seven members bringing their cars and enjoying a very good breakfast.
  • Another big event for us locally was the Maserati Mingle held at the Courthouse Square downtown, on Friday night, May 15th. Despite the evening starting out with rain, we had an excellent turn out of cars and spectators. Our intent was to present several marques and only one of each type model. We had a super display consisting of 62 cars. There were 26 different makes and with the exception of the Maserati display, there were no two cars of the same model. We displayed nine great examples of Porsches that spanned from David Jones’ beautiful red 356 to Patrick Mcgovern’s dynamite GT3 RS. Thanks to Michael Spirito (1971 911), Neil Fisher (2000 911), Jamie Donaldson (1973 914), Bob Lysack (1988 928 S4), and Mason Wilson (2002 997 Turbo) for bringing their cars to display also.
  • John and Ana Schmidt hosted a very pleasant cookout at their home for our May Social. The weather was beautiful, the wine was cold, the potluck dishes were super, and Jamie Donaldson proved his expertise by grilling delicious steaks.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Man was June a fantastic Porsche month! It started with a very cool first Saturday C&C and finished with a 1,400 mile long weekend jaunt in a 1987 928S.
  • We thought that with all the local events going on June 6th that our Multi-Marque C&C would have sparse attendance. We were wrong. We had another overfull parking lot. There were several new attendees with BMW’s having the most cars. We even had one custom motorcycle. This great problem reinforced the need for us to move the monthly event to a new location. I announced at this C&C that our July 4th event will be held in the large parking lot in front of the Value City Furniture store in Hamburg. This area is adjacent to the Cosi Restaurant which makes it easy for our attendees to get coffee and breakfast if they wish. Our intent is to continue in warm months at the new location.
  • On June 12th, the Keeneland Concours, LugNuts and the Legends teamed for a very neat event called RBI’s and RPM’s. Do you know how many sports cars can be parked in a line around the Whitaker Bank Baseball infield? The answer is 40. We had another very good turnout. This event had a good showing of Porsches, but at an even dozen, Corvette was the major marque.
  • The Porsche Parade in French Lick, Indiana filled a solid week from June 21 through 27. We had some neat happenings at the event. Key and Felicia Willson, attending their first Parade won their class in concours with their 1990 964 Cabriolet. Great job Key and Felicia! Other cars on display were Larry Woods’ 911 Anniversary Edition in the Historics, Robert McClelland’s 1969 911E in the 60 4 60, and my 2006 Cayenne TurboS in the 60 4 60. The vehicles displayed at the concours, Historics, and 60 4 60 were fantastic. My personal favorite is always the GT1 but the 918 was breathtaking. Thanks to Patrick Meyer for leading a 6 car drive from Lexington to French Lick on Monday June 22 to see the outstanding display of Porsches. Folks who attended got to see Porsches at their best. Also, it was really cool to shake hands with Wolfgang Porsche while he was checking out the cars! I believe French Lick was the best, friendliest Parade I’ve attended. West Baden is a fantastic hotel and if you get a chance to visit the area, you will definitely enjoy the visit.
  • We had to leave the Parade early so that Robert McClelland and I could attend the Fox Valley Region’s 25th Anniversary in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. We were treated to a judged 30 car show, a six hour photo rally, and a spectacular tour of Door County, Wisconsin. It was fun to be with these really neat Fox Valley folks and to participate in their celebration.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • It’s Porsche Time in Kentucky! We definitely had opportunity to get out and enjoy our cars in July. If you didn’t have time to make our usual events, we did have some changes this month. And in addition, our region’s signature event, the Keeneland Concours d’ Elegance was a major blast. Let me tell you more.
  • Our first monthly event was our Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee. Given that it was being held on a Holiday (July 4), and at our new location in Hamburg (lot in front of Value City Furniture and next to Cosi Restaurant), we were concerned that we would not have a very good attendance. We were very pleasantly surprised that we had over 50 cars attend. Many thanks to Neil Fisher and Lee Wegner for coordinating this event. Neil acted as greeter/director at the venue and Lee was positioned at our former location (Clarion Hotel) to redirect folks who did not get the message of our location move.
  • David Patrick chaired our Porsche Only Cars & Coffee on July 11 th. He coupled the C &C with a drive to the Blue Licks Battlefield State Park. This was a very neat drive for attendees. Thanks to David!
  • Due to several of our members attending the Keeneland Concours Tour d’Elegance on Sunday (July 19), we moved our 3rd Sunday Social to the 4th Sunday (July 26). The venue for the Social was Johnny Carino’s Italian Fayette Mall. We had good attendance with 17 members enjoying the Italian cuisine. Tim McNeely tested (or tasted?) the wine to ensure quality. Thank you Tim. The Carino parking lot looked very cool with our 8 Porsches.
  • Porsche presence at the Keeneland Concours d’ Elegance was outstanding!! Of the 485 cars in the Sports Car Paddock area, 101 were Porsches. We had a great outturn from our region and we also had about 25 Porsches attend from the Kentucky Region. They purchased advanced tickets for both the show and the Paddock. This was a super display of support from the Kentucky Region. Rain or shine they contributed! Many thanks to Jason Miller and the Kentucky Region. In addition to presence, the Porsche folks also brought presents in the form of donation to the Kentucky Children’s Hospital by WINNING the Paddock Challenge with a donation of $3,098.25. Porsche has won the Paddock Challenge 8 of the 11 times since the Challenge start in 2005. Note that the Sterling British Motoring Society won the Paddock Plaque for having the Highest Individual Car Donation with 15 Brits donating a total of $560. This is a percar donation of $37.33. Club giving through the Paddock Challenge is a great way to show support for the Concours and the Hospital, and also to get great community recognition for the clubs. All proceeds from the Paddock Chal- lenge and the Concours are included in the Concours’ annual gift to the Hospital. The concours is also a great attraction to get local Porsche owners interested in joining our club.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Was August not a BLAST! Actually so far the entire summer has been a blast. Our First Saturday Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee was off the chain. On Saturday, August 5 we had over 85 cars attend. We had beautiful weather and what a great variety of vehicles. For starters, how about a pair of Aston Martins? How about a Ferrari or MG? maybe a Rolls or a few really nice Porsches. We even had one person who did not have a display car come and provide free soft drinks to our car folks just because he enjoys seeing our gathering of very neat cars. This is the third C&C he has attended with his two sons. Our club has really stepped out in providing a great event for the entire Lexington car community. Our event has provided the momentum for other clubs and members to get together and provide quality car events for the entire Lexington community.
  • The next weekend, August 8 & 9 we had two events on Saturday. Several members enjoyed breakfast at Ramsey’s on Harrodsburg road Saturday morning. Art Hight showed off his beautiful, yellow 1974 911 coupe. The car looks excellent. Art purchased the car new in 1974 and recently completed a restoration. Another testament to Porsche owner loyalty! After working a late night shift, Josh Fannin still had the energy to bring his 1986 944 that recently went through a significant mechanical rebuild. Josh is well on his way with this project. Tim McNeely hosted a drive to the Red Brick Reunion in Oxford, Ohio. We had 4 cars on the drive: a 911, a Cayenne, a 928 and my 930S. Tim provided his usual panache on the drive in spite of all the construction we encountered.
  • The next weekend, August 15 &16 we had our monthly social at Ricardo’s Grill & Pub in Versailles, KY. Although it was a small gathering of only seven members, the food was great.
  • The next weekend, August 22 & 23 was Lexington Crave. Despite being asked to get display cars for this event on very short notice, folks from the Porsche Club and several other local clubs pulled together and provided 26 vehicles for this event. My thanks to the folks who came to my aid. I appreciate it! We also had a lot of fun as well as enjoying the food and beverage.
  • The final weekend, August 29 & 30 was a pitch-in picnic to celebrate end of summer surrounded by some very cool cars. It just doesn’t get any better than this!
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • September turned into a very busy month for our club and the Lexington car community. The month started with our Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee on the 5th. With over 100 cars attending, we had a fantastic turnout. We had cars of all types from Hot Rods to Classic Luxury. In addition to some very cool pickup trucks we had Tweety bird land in a classic VW. Basically it was a major fun time!!
  • We had a very light turnout at the September Social. The food at Mi Mexico was very good and the eight attendees had great discussions ranging from common shared military experiences to the latest happenings at Porsche. It was a good time and a great opportunity to meet new members.
  • I attended my first Rennsport Reunion over the September 25-27 weekend. It was a super gathering of 57,000 Porschephiles at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, Ca. It was a fantastic event! The opportunity so see so many historical and contemporary Porsches perform on the track was totally awesome. In addition to the track activity, there were large corrals for all types of Porsches from 356, 911, GT3, and Boxster. The historical display was fabulous. It was great to see Larry Woods, Paul and Maureen Elwyn as well as Robert McClelland at the event. The Elwyns and Robert drove their Porsches to the event. What a neat trip to make in a Porsche!!
  • Read all about Robert McClelland's "My Summer Bucket List Trip" in the December Rumble
  • Read all about Paul and Maureen's " California dreamin’, on such a winter’s day!" in the March 2016 Rumble
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Well October was a beautiful start to fall and great Porsche drives to view the fantastic changing of leaves. Our October events began on October 3 with the First Saturday Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee. Despite being a cool 50 degrees and misty rain, we had over 30 vehicles. I believe that several of the folks really just came to see if anyone was crazy enough to be out that early in that weather. Well I guess now they know. We had some fun cars show up. Brant Nystrom brought his track BMW. A very cool classic Dodge truck provided an up close study of early truck design that the owner demonstrated for us. A beautiful Lotus Type 72 D Limited Edition ventured out in the rain just to join with us. You might notice from the Lotus photo that our C&C’s are dog friendly. Robert McClelland arrived in the same 1969 911E that he drove to Rennsport in Monterey, CA in September. It still runs super!!
  • Our Porsche C&C on October 10 was back to Cosi Restaurant and much nicer weather. We had a very good turnout with 12 members and a guest attending. We had (2) 928’s, (3) Cayennes, a 356, (5) 911’s including a beautiful 2015 Targa, a 944 and a 1953 MG TD. What a HOOT! These informal breakfasts and car gab sessions have really been fun.
  • Please note Ed Steverson’s article on the Fall Charity Drive in the Rumble. It was a huge success! Many thanks to Ed for chairing the event and to Steve and Ann Womack for hosting. It was fantastic fun for a very worthy cause.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • November was a great extension to our Porsche driving season! We started the month with two really neat Cars & Coffee’s. On November 7 we had already planned to move the First Saturday Multi-Marque C&C indoors at the Fleetwood Collection. But, in addition to the very cool collection of collector cars inside at Fleetwood, we had over 50 very cool cars outside brought by attendees. We had everything from rods to classics to sports contemporary outside. On the inside there was a fantastic collection, including a very unusual electric Peugeot, Rolls, Metro, Auburn, Caddy, Corvette and MG. We enjoyed sharing stories with friends from several of the local clubs. It was a great way to learn about what’s happening in the local car community.
  • The next Saturday, November 14 we had our Porsche C&C. It was another super weather day. We had fifteen members at the informal breakfast with 14 Porsches displayed outside Cosi. Our Porsche C&C is very relaxed and a very good opportunity to just gab with other members about the latest on Porsche “stuff”.
  • This was a very busy weekend because the next day Sunday, November 15 we had our Monthly Social at Hall’s on the River. There were 15 attendees for the Social. This meeting was an important annual event because the Nominating Committee presented the slate of candidates for our 2016 officers and directors. Also, this meeting was the opportunity for members to propose additional candidates for the offices. There were no proposals to add to the proposed slate.
  • And in Regards to the Election, ballots have been printed and mailed to all members. Please return your ballots to Jim Brandon by December 15 indicating your choices. You will also notice on the ballot a place for you to indicate interest in being a member on our committees. You can see the committees under the photos of Committee Chairs on our Region Board page. We’ve recently added the Social Media Committee with Mason Wilson as the Chair. Mason especially is looking for folks to work with him in this area. Social Media is also a new committee for National PCA so it is a neat opportunity for folks with skills in this area to help both our local region and national.
  • Note that as we start planning for 2016, we are developing an activity calendar for each of the committees. We would appreciate your input for activities or events you would like to see in 2016. I would also like to thank Rey Au and his key committee person Helena Hau for taking on the responsibilities of our monthly Rumble. Neil Fisher especially thanks them as he has now has the opportunity to move to be chair of the Activities Committee. I wish to thank David Patrick for the great work he has done in chairing the Activities Committee. Another significant change for us is Julie Woods taking on the role as our Webmaster in addition to her current role as Historian. Thanks to Ed Steverson for developing our website and managing it so well. I am extremely excited about the new roles and our getting started on a fantastic 2016!
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.
  • Well we made it through December!! The warm December weather allowed us to spend more time outdoors extending our Porsche fun. With all of the holiday events the last two weeks of December we chose to not have a December Social or a January 2, First Saturday Multi-Marque Cars & Coffee.
  • The December 5 event was our largest indoor C&C ever. We had over 70 attendees at Tom and Connie Jones’ Toy Box. It was a great opportunity to swap car “lies” with many friends from other clubs. This monthly event has become the central gathering for all local car clubs. It provides a forum for clubs to share what’s going on at the various clubs and is a great means of getting new members for all our local clubs. With the sunny and cool weather, most attendees had their favorite ride staged outside for “eye-candy”. And, oooh........... the sweet sounds of tuned engines for our audio pleasure. Lots of thanks to Tom and Connie for providing the venue!
  • Our second monthly C&C for Porsches was on December 12 at Cosi Restaurant in Hamburg. We had another nice turnout of nine attendees bringing six Porsches (there was also a VW Touareg and a BMW motorcycle). Again the 65 degree, sunny day made for nice discussions in the parking lot. These Porsche C&C’s are very informal, around a breakfast table, and enjoyable times. They allow us to have discussions and get to know each other better. Come out to one soon.
  • Additional information and great photos can be found in our Rumble.