Drive to Maker's Mark - Saturday, May 15, 2021

Our first BGS sanctioned drive for 2021 begins Saturday, May 15, 2021 in Versailles, KY and ends at the Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, KY.  We will hold a Drivers Meeting at 10:00am. The Kentucky Region will join with us there. 

PLEASE NOTE: START LOCATION HAS CHANGED – The start location has changed from the Kroger parking lot in Versailles to the old Kroger lot across Hwy 60 at the traffic light. The closest open business using that parking lot is the Versailles Brewing Company located at 513 Marsailles Rd, Versailles Ky. They share the lot for the old Kroger store That shopping center parking lot is mostly empty. It will be easier for us to gather the number of cars we expect.

Any required documents will be completed/collected at the meeting.  We will depart from Kroger at 10:30am.  David Patrick is the Tour Lead and has done this drive in the past.  According to Google Maps the drive will be 75 miles, lasting 1 Hr. and 45 min. through beautiful KY backroads.  You can see the route and details by clicking on this link:  Be sure to have a full tank of fuel for the start of the tour.

Please note that due to our ever-changing Covid guidelines we will not have arranged meals or venue tours.  You might want to pick up snacks before the Drivers Meeting.  There are however at Maker’s Mark onsite tastings, a restaurant, and venue walking paths.  It will be up to our members to choose from what is available.  The tour will conclude at Maker’s Mark.  The return trip will be as decided by each member and will not be under PCA coverage.  The return route with the minimal amount of back roads is at 63 miles, taking 1 Hr. and 8 min. utilizing the Bluegrass Parkway back to Versailles.

You can copy/download the routes and details before the tour.  Any specific tour items will be discussed at the Drivers Meeting.

For the first time we will be using google links and an online survey to be completed prior to the tour.  Having the survey results will help The Touring Drive Committee to organize tour documents as well as to coordinate Group Leads and Sweeps.

If you are interested in participating on this tour as a Touring Drive Committee participant please return the tour survey at the following link:

***** Please return only one survey per attending vehicle. *****

If you are among the 28 drivers who have already submitted the Tour survey, there is no need to submit another survey.  We’ll assume that you will be attending on the 15th and that your same information applies.

If you have already submitted a survey and will not be attending the drive on the 15th, please send me an email at and we’ll remove you from the attending list.

If the 15th has now become open for you to attend and you have not submitted a survey, please do so by using the following link